Montreal Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • Sauna Verdun

    5785 Rue de Verdun , Montreal

    This is the most unusual bathhouse I have ever been to. It was very small, located on the second floor of a building on Rue de Verdun. I was given a when I paid for my locker. You can only rent locke ...

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  • Colonial Baths

    Avenue Coloniale 3963 , Montreal


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  • Sauna Centre-Ville

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1465 , Montreal

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  • Sauna Ste-Cath

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1836 , Montreal

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  • Sauna Du Plateau

    Rue Rachel Est 961 , Montreal

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  • 456 sauna

    456 la Gauchetiere West (Quest) , Montreal

    Internet cafe with 4 computer, alcohol permit, lottery video, a sling room, one back room, 6 gloryholes on the second floor,
    6 gloryholes on the third floor, plus 2 gloryholes in the private rooms. ...

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  • Le Sauna Du Plateau

    961 Rue Rachel Est , Montreal

    Crowd of all ages from the Plateau neighborhood. Jacuzzi. Video room. 4 floors. Themed room. Alcatraz/ Sling/s. Nice staff.

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  • Colonial Baths

    Avenue Coloniale 3963 , Montreal

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  • GI Joe Sauna

    Rue Ste Catherine Est 1166 , Montreal

    Le Village

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  • Spa Detente formerly Le 3333 Belanger

    3333 Belanger , Montreal

    Very nice, clean, good staff.
    Crowd: Mixed
    Facilities: Heated pool 20' x 40' / 7' deep Rooms and lockers, s, large sauna, mini bar, tv room with , massage service

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