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  • Cinema lAmour

    4015, St-Laurent , Montreal

    I've seen everything there, but mostly
    sucking, fondling and show me yours and I'll show you mine.
    Crowd: Mostly older guys, depending on the day and time of the day. Ages 25-79!

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  • Peep Show Rue St Hubert

    6999 St Hubert (look for pink neons next to a bar) , Montreal

    Some booths but no doubles. It's best to hang in cinemas. There's no supervision once films are playing.
    Crowd: Old men in the mornings and various after.

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  • 6 Cinemas

    St Catherine and St Elizabeth , Montreal

    Nice sized cinemas and plenty of leg or standing room between the rows of seats to make it easier to play.
    Crowd: Bi guys, Gay guys from The Village, after club boys and straight guys looking for a ...

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  • Cinema XXXIT

    Mount-Royal , Montreal

    It's pretty easy if you want some action, you just go with somebody in a room or just straight in the theatre. I always a nice each time I go there. I love it!!
    Crowd: Everybody who want their e ...

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  • Venus Palais

    On Sainte Catherine , Montreal

    The best is Cinema 2. It costs 7$ for the cinema. no limit no in and out.
    Individual cabin 1$ per 100 min plus 2 very big cabin.
    The best time is 11am to 2pm
    after 5pm and night the week end< ...

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  • Video Erotica

    222, rue Sainte-Catherine est , Montreal

    Cruisy video arcade with booths. Keep the coins flowing and no one will care what you're doing.
    Crowd: Lots of straight guys.

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  • Peep Show

    Ste Catherine E , Montreal

    It's a peep show with 30 booths, large enough for two and there's 6 cinemas downstairs. The is always raunchy,orgy quite often in the cinema.
    Crowd: Any types, from the college student to str8 mar ...

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  • Village formerly City

    1209 Rue St. Laurent , Montreal

    There are 6 cinemas, in groups of two. Each pair are behind a revolving gate and you have to feed 6 dollars into the gate to gain entrance. Cinemas 5 and 6 were closed when I went. 3 and 4 are very sm ...

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  • Wega Video

    930, Ste-Catherine Est , Montreal

    This is a video store that has a private theatre and arcade. Pay the fee and wander through. There is always something going on. Lots of hot guys who will put out. Like most of Montreal, it's very cru ...

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  • Lorgasme formerly Aphrodicentre

    10 837 Pie IX Blvd. , Montreal

    The place is now called L'orgasme, its $ 12 per view and you can stay as long as you want they do not bother you, and there is no water fountain.

    This is a small shop. Go in and select a m ...

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