Kyoto Gay Guide

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  • Mimatsu Sauna

    Bathhouses Saunas

    Not a gay sauna, but a proper bath frequented by middle aged and mature gay men. They will approach if they like you, but only furtive action takes pl

  • Aoi Koen

    Cruising Areas

    This cruisy park is busy during the day. Guys cruise along trails by the rivers edge.
    Crowd: All ages.

  • Imperial Palace Park

    Cruising Areas

    The grounds of the Imperial Palace are cruisy during the day, particularly at noon and again in the late afternoon. Guys hook up and take action elsew

  • Kyoto City Subway Station

    Cruising Areas

    This cruisy subway toilet is a little out of the way, and very active as a result. There is action throughout the day, busiest in late afternoon.