Tea Tree Plaza



Is This Your Business?

Crowd: Young guys--18, some late 20's early 30's guys.

Neighbourhood: Tea Tree Gully

Additional Info

Wheelchair Accessible,

Obahn busway will take you right there and fast!
  • Hours:Every day
    Best times: Between 3 and 5pm weekdays and weekends when the young guys are around.
    Just sit in the cubicle and tap your foot and see if the person in the other cubicle is not moving around much or also tapping...then pop underneath for a look. Also can meet someone then take them into the handicap toilets next door...if anyone asks, you can just say you were helping the person because they were sick!
    Cruisiest Spots: Under Cinema near Food Court toilets ... 3 cubicles in there and double door entry so you can hear when someone comes. Also upstairs near Flight Centre toilets ... 2 cubicles. Also upstairs next to Big W ... 3 cublicles and double doors for warning.
  • Warnings:None I know of .. doesn't seem to be patrolled at all any of these.
whos coming to Tea Tree Plaza
  • Anyone down

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