Lockleys Oval


Rutland Ave, Lockleys

Is This Your Business?

Works well during the day, usually someone coming or going. Usually has lots of messages, but recently painted over. New ones starting to appear though. Quite a few tradies seem to use it too. Have seen some hot in there, Seems to have taken up some of the trade from Apex Park down river.

Neighbourhood: near Linear Park

From Sir Don Bradman Drive or Henley Beach Road, turn into Rutland Ave. It's about half way between the two. Enter into bowling club carpark, or from side street on the northern side. There are two carparks right nearby. Northern one is a little more secluded.
  • Hours:Have only been during the day, but old messages indicated some night activity. It is definitely inside action during daytime.
    Best times: This place works well early mornings, round about 7-00am, and late nights, after 8-00pm.
    Lots ob Bi guys 'walking the dog'.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Check that you don't look too obvious in carparks, as dog walkers and sports players can be nearby.
  • Nudity / Policy:Only in cubicle unless your game!
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / yes
  • Warnings:There was some messages earlier this year that said local residents were taking car number plates, so southern carpark is less obvious. Perhaps park further away and stroll.
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