Stirling Woolworths Shipping Centre


Mt Barker Road, Stirling

Is This Your Business?

Run of the mill toilet with two s. Relatively quiet area in a shopping centre. No but I'm sure the regular tricks will get the boys interested. Try the against the wall.

Neighbourhood: Stirling

Straight down Mt Barker road from the freeway and turn right into the shopping centre just after the pedestrian lights. Walk in the front doors to the shopping centre, past the watch/jewelry shop and to the public toilets on the right.
  • Hours:Shopping centre hours. 9-5ish. Best time unknown.
  • Try walking into the far and just start jerking your . We all know how it works. Just tap your foot when someone else walks in etc.
  • Nudity / Policy:Public toilet.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Handicapped access.
  • Warnings:Never seen any cops but kids could MAYBE be an issue during the school holidays.
whos coming to Stirling Woolworths Shipping Centre