Adelaide Airport


Airport Road

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Mens toilets in the airport departure lounge.

Neighbourhood: Brooklyn Park

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Wheelchair Accessible,

Stright down Sir Donald Bradman Drive from the City, turn left into Airport Road and follow the signs to the carpark. Go upstairs and through security into the departure lounge. When you walk in through security, walk around to your left, pass Sanity and Cibo and keep walking all the way down to the mens toilets at that end of the platform.
  • Hours:Anytime. Guys are also starting to leaves messages on the Message Board saying they're going to be there, so that's worth checking too.
    The best toilets for action have been those right down the end of the left wing of the departures. Understall action is good and there's enough warning to be quiet if you're sharing a cubicle.
  • Nudity / Policy:No
    It can be a little difficult during peak times but rarely get interrupted. Have wanked the occasional flight attendant under the stalls too. Nice
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