Glen Osmond Rd Toilets


South Park Lands Glen Osmend Road

Is This Your Business?

There is a toilet block there that has all sorts of things going on in there day and night (toilets are risky in daylight hours) and the park and gardens are right there. It is just a matter of walking the paths and seeing where everyone else is.
Crowd: All ages, shapes, colors and sizes.

Directions:Cross street: South Terrace
  • Hours:After hours.
    Be sure to take all the usual precautions. There maybe the odd police patrol but they know what goes on there and they usualy let things go unless there has been trouble reported.
    Sometimes you may be doing what you do with another male and you may have other people wanting to join in, which sometimes can be not what you want!!
    Like most places like this there always will be some sort of risk. I have been going there for about three years and never had any trouble other than seeing the odd cop walk through. They have never harmed me at all, other than walking past.
whos coming to Glen Osmond Rd Toilets