West Lakes Shores Toilets


Just south of Mirani Ct, off Military Road West Lakes

Is This Your Business?

There are plenty of places where you can sit discreetly in the car park and watch who goes in to the toilets. (Preferably not in your camper van!)
Crowd: All types who are going to the beach.

Neighbourhood: On the beach front

Drive from Mirani Ct into adjacent car park, toilet is at south end of car park.
Cross street: Mirani Court/Miltary Road
  • Open 24 hours.
    Best times: Works most times but is busiest in summer.
    Often guys stand naked in adjacent showers for long periods during summer.
    Cruisiest Spots: Both toilet cubicles have small peepholes.
    The shower water is only cold so no fun in winter :(
    Warnings: In summer this place has lots of FAMILIES visiting. IT NEEDS DISCRETION!!
whos coming to West Lakes Shores Toilets