Bulldog Bowl Parking Lot


Right behind sonic on Main st.

Is This Your Business?

Really cool place for guys to hook up. Fast and easy somewhat discreet.
Crowd: Mostly younger highschool (18+) or college guys.

Neighbourhood: Artesia

Who's Coming

Mostly younger highschool (18+) or college guys.

Just go west on main street until you see the sonic on the south side of the road. Turn at the street right after that. Its easy from there.
  • Crowd:Mostly younger highschool (18+) or college guys.
  • Hours:Anytime after dark there are usually a few guys cruising around.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:When you meet someone you will have to drive somewhere to do anything because they now have security guards crusing around, but if they caught you they probably wouldnt care. They have come up on me when I had my shoved down someone's throat. I just opened the window, left my hanging out and they just told us not to wreck anything. maybe they are lookin for some cruising action too.
    Cruisiest Spots: On the south side of the bowl.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Security Guards.
    Warnings: Just be careful, some older weirdos show up occasionally.
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