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1124 Washington St Attleboro, MA 02703

Is This Your Business?

Crowd: Mostly working class guys. It is pretty quiet at night, no one has ever bothered me there.

Heading south it is the last MA exit.
Cross street: 95S Broadway Exit
  • Crowd:Mostly working class guys. It is pretty quiet at night, no one has ever bothered me there.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Invite a guy in make him unzip. it if it looks good.
    Cruisiest Spots: cruiser update 4/22/08Description: Very clean, there are buddy booths now, they are located in the back when you enter. Wide selection of movies, nice monitors.
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  • There are no glory holes. You just have to do that annoying thing where you have to try to open the door.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Visible Parking Area.
whos coming to State Line Video & Magazine
  • anyone been here recently

    Commented on 10/1/2016 5:32:22 PM

  • anyone been here recently

    Commented on 10/1/2016 5:32:19 PM

  • I've never seen anyone younger than me there. I usually saw guys in their late 30s-40s.

    Commented on 4/15/2009 12:16:37 PM

  • This seems like a great place to pick up guys.... just wish there was a younger crowd. I went last nite, and it was just older guys.

    Any young guys go here?

    Commented on 4/14/2009 10:17:26 AM

  • I might head in there sometime. Is it still mostly dead there? Great place, just needs more activity.

    Commented on 4/7/2009 6:28:26 AM

  • I want another facial, that was fun.

    Commented on 3/11/2009 11:02:47 AM

  • what'scovered head?

    Commented on 2/25/2009 4:23:53 AM

  • great place. I was in on a Monday afternoon, Kind of quiet but got together with a youger guy. Got to go down on him and got a nice creamy treat.

    Commented on 2/6/2009 9:15:59 AM

  • I was in a booth once waiting for someone and then a random guy came in and asked if I wanted a covered bj. I said okay. So it's possible there's other guys there that won't mind. I've never seen the staff hassle me or anyone else about doubling up in a booth.

    Commented on 1/31/2009 3:10:11 AM

  • any guys get covered head there without reciprocating? Are the staff o.k with more than on guy in a booth?

    Commented on 1/31/2009 1:31:42 AM

  • If you're in the area it's worth checking out. It's just not worth going out of your way to check out.

    Commented on 1/16/2009 6:09:43 AM

  • I'll be down in this neck of the woods over the weekend. Worth checking out?

    Commented on 1/15/2009 7:31:43 AM

  • There are buddy windows all the way to the left and behind the ATM. It's a good place but it's very hit or miss.

    Commented on 12/27/2008 10:38:46 AM

  • Hey, I haven't been here yet. Are there buddy windows in the boothes to watch other guys JO? Is it a cool place?

    Commented on 12/27/2008 5:02:34 AM

  • looking for sum other younger guys here friday around 2:30pm. place has great set up.

    Commented on 11/7/2008 3:21:41 AM

  • will be there tomorrow around noon. lets play!

    Commented on 10/27/2008 8:49:02 AM

  • tomorrow 4pm anyone?

    Commented on 10/25/2008 3:32:37 AM

  • tomorrow 4pm anyone?

    Commented on 10/25/2008 3:32:36 AM

  • whens the best time to go? any guys in there 20's ever here?

    Commented on 8/27/2008 7:42:52 AM