Pfeiffer Beach


Is This Your Business?

One of the nation's best places to watch a sunset in the nude is on the north end of Pfeiffer Beach, in the Big Sur area. Not to be confused with a similar-sounding state beach, this federal property features great vistas, gorgeous sunsets, and wind. Clothed users hang out just north of Pfeiffer Creek, near the parking lot. The clothing-optional area is past a rocky promontory on the north end. Together they form a horseshoe-shaped cove where rangers usually ignore nudists unless someone complains.

Look for Pfeiffer Beach around 30 miles south of Monterey and 3 miles west of Highway 1. Turn right (toward the sea) onto poorly marked Sycamore Canyon Road, about a half mile south of the main entrance to Big Sur State Park.Follow tree-lined Sycamore to the beach parking lot; it's a one-lane road for 2.5 miles. The entrance fee is $5. After parking, walk north along the sand a quarter mile. A rocky outcropping divides the public and nude beaches. Walk around the bend, and you're there.
  • Hours:Sunny days.
  • Nudity / Policy:Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
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