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  • LA Fitness Boca Raton


    Facilities: Nice gym, juice bar, pool, whorl pool, locker room, sauna, showers that are 8 or 10 privet stalls with single curtain.

  • South County Park

    Cruising Areas

    Nice large wooded area. Park has two sections. More cruising on boardwalk near the nature center.
    Crowd: Young, Older, all types of guys.

  • Veterans Memorial Park

    Cruising Areas

    You can ususally find here if you don't mind a few good-looking older gentleman, who are usually looking for a little relief.
    Crowd: Mostly straig

  • South Beach Park

    Cruising Areas

    Couples walking around, 18 plus crowd on the boardwalk. Parking lot.
    Crowd: All ages, mostly white dudes, surfer dudes, older men and tourists.