Burnley Park


On Burnley Street

Is This Your Business?

Excellent large side street park.
Wooded areas off of Burnley Street, wooded patches inside park or street side parking/ in park parking lot (off of Grandview Street) .

Mostly young to adult (18ish-40's) & some mature men (50+). Young guys like to travel from the bars or Tim Hortons to sit & relax in the park or their cars to cruise.

Neighbourhood: Terrace Hill (West Street & Burnley Street Area)

Travel on West Street between Charing Cross Street & Terrace Hill Street. Turn on Burnley Street (Tim Hortons on corner of Dundas Street & Burnley Street). Drive, ride, walk until you see the park.
  • Hours:Afternoons, evenings & early morning. Many late nights of cruising happen after 10 pm.
    Afternoon action usually happens by guys walking & cruising on bikes.
    Winter or Bad Weather: Car Cruising
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Inside Park: Sit & relax. See a guy, make eye contact & smile. Start walking towards the woods or your car. If he's interested, he will follow (visa versa).

    Cars: You may park along side Burnley Street near the wooded areas or park parking lot (off of Grandview Street). Sit in your car or travel into the park/ wooded areas.
  • Nudity / Policy:Locations: Wooded areas & inside a car.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Not good for the handicapped.
  • Warnings:Park parking lot (off of Grandview Street) is near an apartment building. A few cars drive thru. If you're playing in a car, pause until the car passes.
whos coming to Burnley Park
  • what time were you two thinkin about going i would like to join

    Commented on 6/13/2009 8:48:45 AM

  • any one wanna meet here tonight?

    Commented on 6/13/2009 1:36:17 AM

  • Burnley_74 = BCI

    Commented on 6/3/2009 7:03:31 AM

  • ok, i am confuzed. i read that this place might be good. is it?

    Commented on 6/2/2009 5:23:13 AM

  • BrantBrad & jayjay2003. I would have loved to meet you guys but it rained Saturday Night. Would love to make arrangements to meet. Its best if we make plans when the weather is best. I'm aiming for Wednesday, June 6th. Temp: 20 and sunny. Anytime after 8:30 pm.

    Commented on 5/31/2009 3:13:49 AM

  • Be there tonight at sunset.

    Commented on 5/30/2009 10:17:21 AM

  • would anyone wanna meet here tonight?

    Commented on 5/30/2009 8:37:57 AM

  • Will anyone be there tomorrow around noonish?

    Commented on 5/30/2009 2:23:50 AM

  • yea i can wait to go there myself

    Commented on 4/17/2009 12:13:23 PM

  • Wow! Can't wait to try this place in the Spring-Fall. Especially if JakesSnake goes there. Damn, he's hot!

    Anyone 18-35ish want to play there, let me know.

    Commented on 2/7/2009 6:52:32 AM

  • Well its not so good now... all the leaves are gone! but in summer it is a great place.... wish the taxi drivers would stop hanging around. I actually had a really hot session with brantboy there. DANG! Where is he now? He must have a bf .. good for him

    Commented on 12/4/2008 5:58:12 AM

  • It is a great spot got a good bj there

    Commented on 12/4/2008 1:49:08 AM

  • I met a guy at Liquid Lounge during the summer and we played around here after last call. It was a good place for a quick BJ.

    Commented on 10/17/2008 9:33:44 AM

  • the staircase going to high street is also pretty secluded

    Commented on 10/16/2008 4:16:55 AM

  • There is a very good spot to go by the stairs going through the trees up to Princess Street.

    Commented on 10/15/2008 6:44:12 AM