Talisman Centre


2225 Macleod Tr SE

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Locker rooms give tons of opportunity to check out nice . Locker area does have cameras, but shower and washroom area do not. Showers have 3 private s, big enough for two... or three... Urinals are very open, even if you wanted to, you couldnt hide your from cruising eyes. Tons of gorgeous at the urinals, large handicapp is semi-private and big enough for two. When in shower area, eye contact is important, crotch grab and then walk down into private shower, leaving curtain open, and if he is interested, he will follow. Once curtain is closed it is completely private, and you are not able to see in at all.

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Membership required, or $12 drop in.

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  • Check out nice in shower area, allow him to catch you looking, then strong eye contact. Go from the main shower area to one of the three private shower stalls, leaving curtain open behind you. He will follow you in, and once curtain closed it is completely private. Watch for staff, and be aware that the main locker area does have cameras.
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