Cruisy Casablanca Streets


Is This Your Business?

The place is rather large, the best area is near the toilets, near the police station or at the bottom of the arcades. If you're driving, the area starts at the BCM Banque. Then you can take the turn and pass by the embassy of Spain, the arcades and the restaurant 'Havana'. If you're on foot, try the sports training facility, which has no gates and can be a very good spot for an evening .

Crowd: Every kind of people: gigolos, young guys, thieves, married men, etc.

Who's Coming

Every kind of people

Walking, driving.
  • Crowd:Every kind of people: gigolos, young guys, thieves, married men, etc.
  • Directions:Walking, driving.
  • Hours:20.00-04.00 (8pm-4am)
    Best times: 22.00-01.00 (10pm-1am)
    Dates open: 20.00-04.00 (8pm-4am)
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:It does not have a general rule, it's enough to just stay in the
    dark places and wait, and directly go towards the person who
    shows you his or his , providing you like him, that is. Or join a group in action.

  • Nudity / Policy:Behind the trees, in dark places.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:The place is very frequented, some local newspapers have talked about this phenomenon being 'disturbing enough'. The authorities tried to stop the activity, placing lamp posts everywhere and opening a police station right in the middle of the area. That haven't turned down the heat, though. However, the place is rather dangerous, not only because of
    cops, but of attackers also; never follow somebody, never take
    money or watch or other valuable things. If you feel
    the danger, flee, quite simply. Anyway, the place is really worthy showing up.
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