Tulsa Hard Rock Hotel and Casino


777 Cherokee Rd.

Is This Your Business?

Casino THREE (the red room) mens room. There are three mens rooms in the entire casino, which do not have dividers between the urinals. There's a lot of cruising there. Two mens rooms in the red room (walls all painted red) and one in the tent area. The best one is located on the north wall just before entering the "tent" area of the casino.

Exit off I-44 at the catoosa exit. you can't miss it.
  • Casually look at other guys at the urinals. make it somewhat obvious you are looking and wait for a response. There are many guys who are NOT interested and won't respond. Be discreet. Those who are, will look back, or begin to get a hard-on as you watch. play with your a little and if you notice a response, just let go and get it hard. It gets a little crowded in there sometimes, so a verbal response may not be initiated until everyone else leaves. There are a number of interested men here especially when there are few others around. Start a casual conversation to help break the ice. You'll soon know. If he makes eye contact as he responds to conversation, glance down at his in an obvious way, and then continue eye contact to see if he's looking at yours. If it's too crowded to hook up, walk to wash area. Hopefully he will follow (or lead). Casually slip your phone number in his pocket or a note to meet at another area of the casino. Or after both leaving, let him see you head toward another men's room and make sure he sees you go in. Maybe he will follow for a second chance at conversation. WARNINGS: There are a lot of security guards there and they do enter the restrooms. There are also cameras, so proceed with caution and keep it private between you and the other guy. If you feel a connection it might be best to follow as he exits restroom and try to strike up conversation in the casino area. Although many of these guys are married or coupled so they might not show interest outside the restroom. Make the most of your time IN the restroom. Handicapped stalls are big enough for two, but not advisable). KEEP IT DISCREET after making connection and find a better place to go for action.
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