Morgan Creek County Park


Is This Your Business?

Nice Park with trails that lead into the woods, with a campground nearby
Crowd: All different types

Neighbourhood: North Stony Point

Who's Coming

All different types

Take E ave NW, to Stony Point Rd. turn right. OR Take F Ave NW to Stony Point Rd. and turn Left
Cross street: Stony Point Rd.
  • Crowd:All different types
  • Hours:6am to 10pm
    Best times: Not Sure
    Dates open: Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Check Bathrooms, and use brake lights
    Cruisiest Spots: Many parking area on top of high
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Pot Smokers come here to smoke alot
    Warnings: Park Ranger drive by now and then, most looking for Pot Smokers
whos coming to Morgan Creek County Park
  • Is over the lunch hour a good time at this park? Is there a particularly good time to meet guys in their 60 or older?

    Commented on 5/24/2009 1:51:33 AM

  • anyone going out there next week?? would love some bathroom action

    Commented on 4/25/2009 11:37:50 AM

  • rawrii, will you be out there today?

    Commented on 7/9/2008 1:18:01 AM

  • i've been out here quite a bit to lay out in the sun and i haven't run into anyone yet. does anyone still come out here?

    Commented on 7/6/2008 1:11:36 AM

  • I will be checking this area out at 4:30 pm daily. I'm a bottom needing a top. flash your brake lights.

    Commented on 5/14/2008 11:09:34 AM

  • Went out there in July and no one was around. Is it really an active place?

    Commented on 8/21/2007 8:05:42 AM

  • When are the best times to go for some action?

    Commented on 4/27/2007 4:48:16 AM

  • Does anyone ever go here? I've been here before but there was no one else there. It is secluded and could be a good place.

    Commented on 3/26/2007 5:58:48 AM