Banned Bookstore

Ridgewood Ave.

Is This Your Business?

Saturday Night is always crawling with very construction types looking for some hot action, and the biker group brings in a fair share of bear action. Always lots of hook-ups for car (or outdoor fun).
Crowd: Businessmen, college guys, straight guys, older men, biker types.

Get on Ridgewood, heading towards Ormond Beach -- on your right next to the old adult movie theater.
Cross street: Ridgewood & Mason
  • Crowd:Businessmen, college guys, straight guys, older men, biker types.
  • Hours:10 am till 3 am.
    Dates open: 10 am till 3 am.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Looking for blow-job, stay in your car and someone will be by to 'look-in' on you -- something more (bushes behind the lot is always busy with naked men doing adult things).
    Cruisiest Spots: Behind the store, an enclosed parking lot surrounded by fence.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Staff (lesbian owned) keeps its nose clean -- but can occassional walk-out to look around.
    Warnings: Although it is enclosed, it is near a high crime area. Be careful of hustlers!
whos coming to Banned Bookstore
  • I stop this spot sometimes when I'm passing through daytona.
    I was there today and the lady working there was very sweet and helped me withs some dresses.
    I've never seen any action in the lot but maybe it happens. However, the lot is small and well lit and it doesn't seem like a good spot for hanky-panky at all.
    The store and staff are both very nice however.

    Commented on 10/22/2006 11:06:40 AM

  • this place sits on a corner and the back is fenced in so there could not possibly be any action in back. i hate to say it, but it's as tired as the neighborhood. definitely not worth any effort.

    Commented on 2/26/2001 8:13:21 AM

  • go there alot and no action ever does any one else cruise this place or where has the action moved to?????

    Commented on 1/31/2001 5:35:46 AM