Cheeseman Park


9th and marion

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i cruise cheeseman alot. My favorite spot(s) are the alleys going to and from cheeseman. all the old houses in this area have garages with large wooden doors. many are unoccupied. you can have all the privacy you want. my first was a neighbor at 630 in the morning. foot and vehicle traffic are minimal. sometimes i left both doors open and . its better to have a spotter. check it out. unload. i rented a house in this area and had a three car garage. i parked on the street and used the garage as a woodworking was incredible. my first was a neighbor at 630 in the morning!!!

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get off I25 at Alameda and go east until Downing. Go north on downing until 6th. East on 6th. 6th to Cheeseman
  • find an empty garage preferably one thats never used. And have fun. Capitol Hill is so laid back that if someone saw you, they would ask to join in. just look at the neighborhood. if traffic is slow, its probably all right.
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