Stanley Restaurant


1031 Decatur Street

Is This Your Business?

Proving the truth of the adage "necessity is the mother of invention," in the days following Katrina, when the Quarter was an isolated island of intrepid survivors determined to carry on regardless, and few, if any, places to eat were open (in New Orleans, that's how you know a disaster has hit), the chef-owner of Stella! began serving sandwiches and grilling burgers on the sidewalk. He ended up serving 3,000 meals in 9 days before shutting down and focusing on opening the cafe properly. The choice of name was obvious. Now it's moved into the old (and nicely renovated) La Madelene space, right on the corner of Jackson Square and it's a big boon to dining for tourists and locals alike. Between breakfast all day, cornmeal crusted oyster po' boys, their drippy burgers (which we think rival Port o' Call's naked monsters), and the genuine soda fountain featuring homemade ice cream, there is something for everyone nearly all day long -- and well into the night.

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