DU Coors Fitness Center


E. Asbury and S. York

Is This Your Business?

Lockers, open shower area, etc. Lockers take a 25 cent deposit.
Crowd: Students, others in their 20s - 40s.

Neighbourhood: DU

Who's Coming

Students, others in their 20s - 40s.

The shower in the men's bathroom. You need to either be a paying member of the gym or a student to get in.
Cross street: Asbury and York
  • Crowd:Students, others in their 20s - 40s.
  • Hours:They are open every day from about 6am-11pm.
    Best times: Best times are during the Summer, on the weekends, especially sundays in the early afternoon. There is almost no regular foot traffic in an out during the summer so a great place to jerk-off or get a bj.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:You can keep an eye out on the door to the pool from in the showers, but those who come in can't really see you. Also, you can hear either the main door or pool door open so it gives pleanty of time to recover. Standing in the corners can be helpful to hide a hard-on.
    Cruisiest Spots: Showers
  • Wheelchair Accessible:Yes
  • Warnings:Sometimes they have events in the pool that bring in a lot of people, so be careful (but you can hear if that is the case when you arrive).
whos coming to DU Coors Fitness Center
  • hey runninman - 29 and bi here - DU grad student as well. workout at Coors 3-5 times a week. we should chat. shoot me an email with your AIM or YM screename or regular email or something...

    Commented on 12/4/2008 12:23:21 PM

  • I work out there often, anyone else? Wouldn't do it there, but would be cool to just cruise the locker room, check you out.

    Commented on 12/3/2008 6:27:32 AM

  • anyone headed there today? The temporary men's lockers are perfect for a hookup...

    Commented on 8/15/2007 10:42:16 AM

  • Heading to DU's Coors Fitness Center to Workout. Will probably be in the showers by 10pm.

    Must me a student or member to get in.

    180lbs, Blond, Blue, 6' tall, 7"cut, VGL.

    You must be under 40, and height/weight proportionate.

    Commented on 8/22/2006 10:26:14 AM

  • does it only cost 25 cents to go inside? will i have to pay a walk in fee even if i dont use any exercise equipment. is it pretty safe to just hang out in the locker room and shower room? what are the shower rooms like?

    Commented on 6/24/2006 12:25:05 PM

  • will be in the locker room at 10AM 6/24

    Commented on 6/24/2006 9:10:52 AM