Adult Emporium


1401 E. Army Post Rd

Is This Your Business?

Crowd: gay,strait married men men of all ages

Neighbourhood: Southside

Who's Coming

gay,strait married men men of all ages

Cross street: SE14th
  • Crowd:gay,strait married men men of all ages
  • Hours:6am to 2am
    Best times: any
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:back row of booths
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
whos coming to Adult Emporium
  • Do you have to buy a card or anything to go into the arcade?

    Commented on 6/16/2009 8:15:03 AM

  • GReat News this store as well as ALL of the adult bookstores in IOwa is now SMOKE FREE. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Commented on 7/7/2008 2:42:54 AM

  • Was there several months back. A M/F couple came into the arcade. She was blowing as many guys as she could, he was just watching the action and jacking off. Always seems to be more eaters than feeders.

    Commented on 5/4/2008 8:14:35 AM

  • unbelievable bad decision made here by management. Get this..they are now smoke free everywhere in store EXCEPT the arcade. THey tell customers that wanna smoke to step into arcade. Have always enjoyed this nice arcade but the smoke is now unbelievable at times. U stink within minutes of going in . The Gallery downtown by the way is ALL smoke free. THats where im spending most of my time now Wake up and go smoke free everywhere in store. Lets hope the statewide ban corrects this soon...

    Commented on 3/27/2008 2:26:29 AM

  • i am VERY new to this...this is the closest place to me...this and the southridge mall across the street...what do you mean by booths and for anyone thats been here...describe the place for me and where i could possibly get some private action...if you are older, bigger, or harrier, can comment to help but im not looking for someone like that...

    Commented on 10/2/2007 7:07:56 AM