Sutherland's Bakery


1701 George St GD

Is This Your Business?

A gas station/bakery in Enderby with a washroom around back in a mostly private area. No cameras or attendants able to see whos going in and out and a dual door system so you have lots of time to hear anyone coming.

Neighbourhood: Enderby

Sutherland's Bakery is on the 97A at the north end of Enderby where Evergreen St meets the highway. It has a large parking area with the washrooms at the back on the Evergreen St side.
  • Hours:Sutherlands has action usually in the evening after 5. Bakery is open from 5:30am to 11pm.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Use the washrooms around back on the Evergreen St side. There is a main room with the 3 different washrooms (men's, women's, and handicapped) coming off of it, this allows lots of forewarning from noisy doors if anyone is coming.
  • Nudity / Policy:This is a public washroom so be discrete.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / There is handicapped access.
  • Warnings:Staff come in to clean it daily.
whos coming to Sutherland's Bakery