Garden of Eden


Is This Your Business?

Garden of Eden is the name given to the area of the San Lorenzo River where the river makes an "S" shaped curve, with deposits of sand on both sides of this shallow creek. Depending on when you visit, the small crowds may be all nude, all clothed, or mixed. If everyone is clothed, try hiking upstream a bit to find a more secluded area for nudity. This beautifula area is not very well known compared to Santa Cruz County's coastal nude beaches, but the San Lorenzo River is a wonderful place to bare when all the coast is fogged in - or anytime for that matter. However, since the beach is surrounded by redwoods, the hours of direct sunlight are limited. The tall trees block the sunlight by 4pm. Most nude sunbathers are likely to be gay men,and the surrounding woods are cruisy. Be aware that Henry Cowell State Park bans nudity (Garden of Eden is within the park). However, rangers seldom patrol the river area. Wear shoes appropriate for hiking and wading.
Crowd: Straight & gay.

Who's Coming

Straight & gay.

From Santa Cruz take Sr-9 north towards Felton, watch for Henry Cowell Redwood State Park on the right. Park after entering, walk south on Redwood Grove Loop Trail. At southern tip, take railway tracks over a bridge (warning-active rail line)- continue for half mile (watch sign for 'Garden of Eden')& a short trail to beach.
  • Crowd:Straight & gay.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:The surrounding woods.
  • Nudity / Policy:Yes / Traditionally clothing optional.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
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  • Swimming in the San Lorenzo is not recommended. Bacterial counts are off the scale from bad septic systems and leach fields (the river smells like a septic tank!). Watch for poison oak and stinging nettles on the trail down.

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