Hotel Tghat

Is This Your Business?

Located in a classy hotel. And in Fes, where gays can show themselves without having too much problems.
Crowd: Straights, clean gays, , gigolos.

Who's Coming

Straights, clean gays, , gigolos.

Walking, by taxi. Across the Sheraton Hotel.
  • Crowd:Straights, clean gays, , gigolos.
  • Directions:Walking, by taxi. Across the Sheraton Hotel.
  • Hours:23.30-03.00 (11pm-3am)
    Best times: 00.30-02.00 (12:30am-2am)
    Dates open: 23.30-03.00 (11pm-3am)
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:While dancing on the floor, the glances are rather suggestive...

  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Morocco is a Muslim country, where homosexuality is prohibited by the
    law, wherever it becomes apparent.

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