GWB Park (near bridge)


Is This Your Business?

Yea! It is a well-bushed area. No patrol cars because they cannot pass due to the terrain and the bushes.
Crowd: Hikers, str8t, bi and married men.

Who's Coming

Hikers, str8t, bi and married men.

Near the toll booth.
  • Crowd:Hikers, str8t, bi and married men.
  • Hours:All day till 8 pm.
    Best times: Late afternoon -- lots of good-looking married men, young and old.
    Dates open: All day till 8 pm.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Make eye contact. If he grabs his crotch, ask him to whip it out to check the goods...
    Cruisiest Spots: Go towards the path where middle road and high road meet (junction).
  • Nudity / Policy:Yes / Summer -- clothing is option for some.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:See live deers staring at you with antlers. Be careful of the ticks. Check yourself for these critters.
    Warnings: Use common sense. Not all men are safe, but you sure know that they're . Why would they be there in the first place?
whos coming to GWB Park (near bridge)
  • Anybody into hiking the trails in Fort Lee? Looking for a hiking bud.

    Commented on 6/17/2009 8:13:46 AM

  • LOTS O COPS dont be stupid MArried Men!

    Commented on 3/24/2009 5:34:35 AM

  • Hi guys new to the area.. where exactly is the place and how can i get there...would love to get there this week..earlier the better...
    i m on nthngis100prcnt at a.i.m.

    Commented on 3/15/2009 9:30:05 AM

  • If a cop is there to bust guys, he isn't going to tell you he's a cop if you ask. Why would anybody be dumb enough to believe that?

    Commented on 12/12/2008 1:23:37 AM

  • do not go there there have been many busts email me to hook up in area

    Commented on 11/15/2006 2:36:36 AM

  • can someone describe where this place actually is?
    im unsure of where to find it

    Commented on 11/14/2006 5:16:01 AM

  • There can be lots of fun to be had here. Be careful as cops do come into the park and there have been busts by undercover officers. Also, watch out for poison ivy.

    Commented on 9/8/2006 10:06:10 AM

  • Becareful lots of busts done here. They are pretty forward on hitting on you.

    Commented on 6/20/2006 5:25:59 AM