Manchester Mall Restroom


3780 N Blackstone Ave

Is This Your Business?

The restoom on the second floor past the food court right above the carousel and red robins.
Crowd: Some shop owners and just regular guys crusing.

Neighbourhood: N Blackstone Ave

Who's Coming

Some shop owners and just regular guys crusing.

It's at Blackstone and Shields infront of the Movie Theater.
Cross street: E Shields Ave
  • Crowd:Some shop owners and just regular guys crusing.
  • Hours:All day.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Be careful for the guy that cleans the restroom
    Cruisiest Spots: Urinals and Stalls
  • Wheelchair Accessible:Yes
  • Warnings:Staff. Janitor.
    Warnings: Theres never alot of people at that mall. But everynow and then some kids may go and use the restroom, so be discreet and never cruise around families.
whos coming to Manchester Mall Restroom
  • I have no idea why this place was put on the site. It is a horrible place to cruise. The stalls have short doors on them which offer no privacy at all, and there is no buffer door to hide any action that may be going on when regular people come in. It's a very small restroom that is completely open to anyone who walks in. Bad idea.

    Commented on 3/27/2007 8:41:48 AM