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1. I-95 Rest Area


I-95, North and Southbound,
Ft Pierce, United States

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I-95 Rest AreaCrowd: All types.

2. Pepper Park


Ft Pierce, United States


Pepper ParkThe right side of Pepper Park on north beach seems to be a hot bed of action, theres a in the mens room and the back section of the park is active with the trails leading to the fishing docs ...most ...

3. White Park


Ft Pierce, United States


White ParkVery nice, cruisy park. Nothing really goes on the west side of the park as there are many people fishing on that side. Don't feed the gators. :-)
Crowd: Very mixed, mostly older crowd.
Indian River Community College W Building DownstairsThis is a rather large, long restroom with many s (most of which are missing the locks, which causes non cruisers to have to use the back ones) and urinals. If the other locks were fixed it would be e...
Indian River Community College R Building Upstairs.This is a medium sized bathroom, rather compact with 3 s and a handicapped . The last and the handicapped are around a corner from the door. Someone has drilled a peephole between the regular and t...

6. IRCC Main Campus Library


3209 Virginia Ave,
Ft Pierce, United States


IRCC Main Campus LibrarySmall-ish bathroom, with 2 urinals and 2 s - one handicapped, one regular. Someone has drilled a peephole between the two s, under the toilet tissue dispenser. If you're in the Handicap , you can't se...
Middle Cove BeachVery empty beach, usually a few poeple fishing, walk to the north and look for people along the dune.
Crowd: Older nudists, but young guys as well.

8. Sunnier Palms Nudist Resort


8800 Okeechobee Rd.,,
Ft Pierce, United States


Sunnier Palms Nudist Resortcruiser update 1/27/2009:They DO allow single men, they always have. Whoever said they don't is a disgruntled member.
cruiser Update 12/8/2008: I was there today. they no longer allow single men. Y...
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