Los Angeles Invasion: Sassville

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Invasion: Sassville, Los Angeles


Captain's Log: Q-U-E-E-R It’s a New Year in the Earth’s solar system and planet is under stress with new world leaders coming into power. Among all the monsters hiding behind corporate masks there are still some who wear theirs on the outside but with a whole lot of sass and whole lot of sexual ambiguity. Welcome to the city of Sassville – home to all sissy queens, gender fuck, overtly queer badass villains you’ve ever laid eyes on! Our crew personally felt with sequins dulled and spirits running low like our glitter it was time to refuel our engines and overdose on a whole new level of gay. We’ll wear our pride proudly like our stacked #301 lashes and chiffon dresses into the following 4 years and show these cowardly monsters who the real demons worth fearing are! Among these sassy monstrosities include my offspring, the bearded queen Vicky Jean Mochi (@vickyjeanmochi), #Dragula Ursula Major (@ifvckedursulamajor) Fasique from the Haus of Doom (@andrewwxoxo), Krustyna (@neon_clown22), Vanity (@vanityqueenx), Chief Queef (@onamorgana), Jean Decay (@jeandecay) and your hostess with mostest to say.. Xochi Mochi (@xochi_mochi)! Who’s the sassiest of them all? Come find out at @faultlinebar Wednesday January 11th for gay ol’ good time! #Drag #DragShow #InvasionLA #LosAngeles #SilverLake