San Diego Chi Chi Rones and Jo Anna in Dueling Drag Divas

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11/14/2017 -11/14/2017


Chi Chi Rones and Jo Anna in Dueling Drag Divas, San Diego


Emmy Award Winner Chi Chi Rones and NY Times Acclaimed Impressionist Jo Anna return to MA4 for one night only! The Dueling Drag Divas will perform their All New Celebrity Impression Show and all new format! Fresh off their Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Ogunquit, Maine, 11 month tour…they bring their high octane comedy drag show to California before heading back to Mexico for the winter! Their uncanny impersonations with ALL LIVE VOCALS (NO LIP SYNC) will have you rolling in the aisles as they duke it out on stage in singing competition rounds! Dueling Tina Turners! Eyecons Liza verses Cher! Heavy Weight Round Adele vs. Tracy Turnblad/Hairspray! Jazz Round Nat and Natalie Cole vs. Nina Simone/Billie Holiday/Julie Andrews, Drunk Diva Round Amy Winehouse vs. Judy Garland, Catfight between Eartha Kitts! Of course the audience get in on all of the fun with an brand new contest!