whos coming to Boone Park
  • It's just as horrible as it was when the last guy posted the comment to "stay away".

    Commented on 1/10/2007 4:39:17 AM

  • so how is it now?

    Commented on 1/9/2007 7:05:45 AM

  • Was arrested there and honestly wasn't doing anything, the cop told me they were going to clean up that park. STAY AWAY

    Commented on 9/20/2001 2:03:58 AM

  • Stay away from Boone Park. They are redoing the park. it is under heavy vice watch. If you even slow down, a police car will appear out of nowhere

    and follow you for many blocks. They are taking license plate numbers and

    putting them on file. I got this info from a vice cop that uses my service.


    Commented on 5/1/2000 12:00:00 AM

  • I was personally arrested here. Vice is frequently present. Never enter the park after hours. You will be charged with trespassing and taken to jail.

    Commented on 4/18/2000 12:00:00 AM