McArthur Island Park


Enter off McKenzie Ave. or 12th St.

Is This Your Business?

Large beautiful park, Ball feilds, Skate park, Hockey arena, Walking path, BMX bike park, River trails, Parking lots, Stadium, Lawn bowling. Never closes to public access, Hot guys out walking, biking, jogging, cruising, all ages & types. Men in sweat pants and trackies

Neighbourhood: North Kamloops

On the North Shore, well marked and easy to find. McKenzie Avenue or 12th Street entrance, Loads of parking.
  • Hours:Washrooms open during day time hours, couple stalls, urinals, sinks, not overly busy
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:This is a well used family area during the day, so use common sense when cruising guys, eye contact, adjust yourself, looks like there is lots of action in the BMX parking area. Good view if anyone is coming that way.
  • Nudity / Policy:Being a public park, nudity isnt allowed, but guys who like to be seen & show off what they have dont wear underwear under the sweat pants & shorts, leaving a nice eyeful of the goods. Laying back with your legs bent and your good in view for those who want to look.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Full access
  • Warnings:Can be a busy place for teens looking to party, usually cleared out pretty quick. It has a one way road that rings the whole place, so any parking lot gets a good heads up if there people or cars heading your way.
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