I-10 Eastbound Rest Area overlooking Las Cruces, NM (near MM-136)


Mile marker 136 Eastbound

Is This Your Business?

Rest Area overlooking city of Las Cruces, NM .. this place is GREAT for encounters of ALL kinds. Truckers, Locals, Travelers etc.. Many quite, dark places to hang out. Walking paths and picnic areas.

Neighbourhood: Rest Area

Traveling eastbound on I-10 just above Las Cruces, rest area around mile marker 136. Nice view and many places to hang.. literally!
  • Hours:after dark.. gets active, but a bit better on weekend nights
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:All ethnicities and ages. Many truckers and travelers. Several locals looking to service patrons.
  • Nudity / Policy:On walking paths which lead to dark, private areas, you can strip down naked and wait for action! Police hardly ever go to this place. If they do, they just cruise through without stopping.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Restrooms are HC access
  • Warnings:Been going to this place for several years.. almost always get action. This place is GREAT!
whos coming to I-10 Eastbound Rest Area overlooking Las Cruces, NM (near MM-136)
  • Have been there a couple of times, not much action - now that it is warm let's get the place active

    Commented on 5/17/2009 8:45:03 AM

  • people still go here?

    Commented on 5/12/2009 2:45:50 AM

  • people still go here?

    Commented on 5/12/2009 2:45:44 AM

  • be headed ou there on jan 17 are 1100 look for a yellow care i need ti blow my thick louad

    Commented on 1/7/2009 8:00:19 AM

  • Hey, anyone headed out there tonight? I'm gonna check it out around 11 for a while...

    Commented on 12/13/2008 11:03:28 AM

  • anyone wanna meet up to have some fun Saturday morninng at around 10? Let's get a jack off group

    Commented on 10/23/2008 2:24:13 AM

  • Thanks for the response guys. Interested in having some fun at this spot. Would be hot to meet up with some hot trucker - always a hot fantasy of mine. Will be there after dark.

    Commented on 10/20/2008 11:21:34 AM

  • Best times are after dark because the caretakers leave around 5-6PM. It's usually better on weekend nights, but it varies. Hope to see you there! Just wondering 800+ views and only 7 comments as of this writing... ?

    Commented on 10/18/2008 5:16:37 AM

  • So what are the best hours? I have been there a couple of times and no action lately. I agree it is a great spot and I have met up a few times but lately it has been very quiet.

    Commented on 10/9/2008 11:57:11 AM

  • swaller.. why don't you concentrate on your OWN posting instead of trying to direct traffic to yours? I didn't post negative comments on your posting, so have some reciprocal respect. This rest area is VERY active and a great place to find action if you go there at the right time.

    Commented on 9/28/2008 2:23:02 AM

  • Anyone ever check out the west bound rest area at the texas/new mexico state line? Great potential!!

    Commented on 9/20/2008 3:33:23 AM

  • YES! Roadrunner statue is there also.. I have always just parked and either looked for someone tapping brake lights on their can or truck.. just do the same, then you can go to the picnic area and wait for the other guy or guys to join you. I like the 2 lower picnic tables. There are paths leading about 30 yds or so down to them.. much better privacy. Paths are located along sidewalk from main building. Enjoy!

    Commented on 9/11/2008 9:51:45 AM

  • How exactly do you initiate a hookup here? Like bathrooms you tap your foot, here what do you do? Not exactly a pro! And this is the place with the big ol roadrunner right?

    Commented on 9/11/2008 2:06:38 AM