Hardman Building


Is This Your Business?

It's a bathroom in the Hardman Building. A lot of hot students go there, specially guys with girlfriends that want to be or by a man. Sometimes people have under the stalls, I don't recommended that, you never know who is in the other side.
Recently, a lot of ugly, old people started going, just avoid them and wait for the students. I receive a blow job there every day!
Crowd: Mostly students. Recently, old, ugly people.

Who's Coming

Mostly students. Recently, old, ugly people.

It's at New Mexico State University.
  • Crowd:Mostly students. Recently, old, ugly people.
  • Hours:From morning to 7 pm.
    Best times: Changes constantly.
    Dates open: From morning to 7 pm.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Go to your and clap your feet.
    If the only guy answers, action begins!
    Cruisiest Spots: In the .
  • Nudity / Policy:Only if nobody is watching!
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:The place is perfect. Security never goes there.
whos coming to Hardman Building
  • Hardman is closed anybody know where everyone moved 2?

    Commented on 2/13/2014 3:03:20 PM

  • someone please go here....email me here in cruise and i will be there to service and get serviced!!!

    Commented on 5/23/2009 5:10:28 AM

  • When? Daytime is good for me. ToyV2.4, yer awesome! Hit me up!!!

    Commented on 5/21/2009 4:19:43 AM

  • can we hit this place up this summer?! Damn I know I'm hornier since it's warmed up and I'm down to play.

    What days would be good and what time?

    Commented on 5/18/2009 6:55:04 AM

  • Got some goood head tonight (4/14).
    Some good fun!
    Lookin for more! Young-in shape-guys hit me up.

    Commented on 4/15/2009 1:58:09 AM

  • Whens good for it?

    Commented on 2/25/2009 5:10:24 AM

  • anyone who wants to play here let me know...available anytime

    Commented on 2/16/2009 10:34:42 AM

  • anyone gonna be there Thursday evening to play??

    Commented on 1/28/2009 8:28:27 AM

  • Dropping by Tuesday anyone want to play? heading there around 2 leave a time if you want to play.....

    Commented on 1/24/2009 8:48:24 AM

  • lookin to hook up in the restrooms...let me know if you can help me!!

    Commented on 1/13/2009 9:28:34 AM

  • hey i have never been with a man before. i am curious about trying it....if your willing to help me let me know!

    Commented on 12/7/2008 10:23:33 AM

  • I'll be there Thursday around noon. Looking forward to some fun;-)

    Commented on 12/3/2008 1:10:41 AM

  • hey let's all make it a point to cruise this spot next week during finals everyday up rio Wednesday. Anyone else like this idea?

    Commented on 12/2/2008 4:03:45 AM

  • deserboiUSA anytime you wanna jack off or hook up whatever message me u sound really hot

    Commented on 12/1/2008 4:47:49 AM

  • im down for some action. when and where

    Commented on 11/30/2008 7:24:13 AM

  • Anyone know if Hardman's open during the thanksgiving and/or christmas break?
    If it's not we should find a new temp. place!!
    I need a good bj, and I wouldn't mind a few steamin loads dropped on my face!

    Commented on 11/26/2008 2:33:01 AM

  • Any hotties there this semester?

    Commented on 11/25/2008 7:29:58 AM