Visitor's Center


4th and Metropolitian

Is This Your Business?

Single room building about 150 sq foot with visitor's pamplets. There is a LARGE single person bathroom with locking door.
Crowd: Unknown, but isn't that the fun of cruzin....

Who's Coming

Unknown, but isn't that the fun of cruzin....

Cross the bridge going into Leavenworth. Take a left at the first stop light. Then take the first left, it is a residental street, but the vistor's center is a little house on the left side of that street. It is across the street (4th) from Sonic.
  • Crowd:Unknown, but isn't that the fun of cruzin....
  • Hours:24 hrs, but it is in view of a major street, so cops could stop bi if they are bored.
    Best times: I am sure after dark. Might want to park your car away from the building/parking lot to avoid cops from going in.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:You can easly watch the whole building from across the street at Sonic or a vacent parking lot. If you see someone go in that you want to meet ;) Then go into the building and see if they would like to share the bathroom with you.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:Yes
  • Warnings:Small parking lot, and hick cops. If you are there after dark and see a car in the lot, I would suggest you not park next to them. If a hick cop sees two cars in a visitor's center at 10:00 pm, I am sure he would more than happly stop in. Leave your car in another lot or on the street if you go in.
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