QUEEN KONG • K I M C H I • This Frigay Jan 13

  • Where: Boulet Brothers Events, los-angeles
  • 2017-01-13 21:00 UTC When: 1/13/2017
Gay Friendly

The Boulet Brothers Present DTLA'S hornee homo party palace & stage show spectacular every Friday night at Precinct SHE'S HUGE, H0RNY, HUNG & READY TO PARTY Prepare yourself for High Fagg0try, Art, Trash, Disco, Dick & Rock & Roll - join the new queer punk army every Friday night featuring a rotating cast of the world's wildest pink talents, this week including: MISTRESSES OF CEREMONIES / BOULET BROTHERS STAGE SHOWS STARRING: ♛ KIM CHI ♛ RIFY ROYOALTY (NYC) ♛ LORIS (DRAGULA TV) ♛ ANDREJ VILE ♛ GLITZ GLAM ♛ JUDAS JOE MANSON ♛ POP UP SHOP BY / HORSE & HORN CLOTHING FLOOR HOSTS: SHAWN MORALES & TITO SOTO PHOTOS: JEREMY LUCIDO DJ: DAVID BANJELA _____________________________________________ 10-2 AT PRECINCT / 357 S Broadway (DTLA) _____________________________________________ COMING UP! COCO PERU, COURTNEY ACT, DARIENNE LAKE, KASHA DAVIS & GIA GUNN _____________________________________________ GET MORE D BY WEARING BOULET BROTHERS GEAR! GET YOUR BOULET BROTHERS MERCH HERE: https://www.dragqueenmerch.com/collections/boulet-brothers SIGN UP FOR QUEER EVENTS IN LA HERE: http://bit.ly/bouletmailinglist