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Carondelet ParkOne of the largest parks in South St Louis. Most restrooms now shut down, but this one is still open and used by gays to & .
Crowd: All ages, gay & straight.
Forest ParkForest Park is the nation's largest and cleanest public park, It's also incredibly safe and has many woodland trails which are especially fun to cruise. (Wow. Guess they got gay guys at the tourist bu...

3. Chesterfield Mall Macy's

Rating: 4

291 Chesterfield Mall @ Clarkson and Hwy 40,
St Louis

Chesterfield Mall Macy'sSeveral clean s (6 or 7). The layout of the restroom allows for easy/quick recovery should someone enter. I was just there on 8.16.01 and enjoyed an under the j/o with someone in the next .
St Charles ParkI think I found the two places. Take the N 3rd St exit off 370. You are looking for Dusable Park. The first place is Regot area. When you make the final left take an immediate right into the parking l...

5. Plaza Frontenac Mens Room

Rating: 3

Highway 40 and Lindbergh,
St Louis

Plaza Frontenac Mens RoomThe doors go all the way to the floor!
Crowd: Ages 40 and up, mostly.

6. Lambert International Airport

Rating: 4

10701 Lambert International Drive,
St Louis

Lambert International AirportFeeling and touching underneath stalls, tap foot and write a note to your buddy to follow you to one of the family changing toilets, located all around the airport, where you can have a one-on-one exp...
Bellerive ParkThis is a beautiful old park. It has two areas that overlook the Mississippi river. The park is split into two areas, upper and lower. If you jump the fence on the upper level, you'll find a set of ol...

8. Crow Hall

Rating: 5

Washington University in St Louis,
St Louis

Crow HallThis is a very private place after 3pm and especially around 5 to 7, U can get blow jobs under the or go somewhere else.
Crowd: College jocks, frat boys, and older men.
St Louis Metrolink / Light railLooking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway or light rail rapid transit, it is becoming a huge trend to ...

10. Famous Barr - Crestwood

Rating: 1

Crestwood on Watson Rd-Westfield shopping center,
St Louis

Famous Barr - CrestwoodPrivate men's restroom with 2 big, roomy stalls and urinals. In women's purse department on 1st floor, across from the men's clothing department. underneath stalls.
Crowd: Young and older men, 18-...

11. Creve Coeur Park

Rating: 5

2348 Creve coeur Mill Road,
St Louis

Creve Coeur ParkThe entire park can be cruisy but most cruising occurs in the upper parking lot,with activity in adjacent woods.
Sister Marie Charles ParkThis is a small park on the Mississippi in an industrial area. The parking is very cruisy as are the trails in the woods.
Crowd: Mostly blue collar.
West County CenterRestroom activity can be slow but patience usually pays off. Afternoons seem the busiest. Double entry doors provide
warning of approach.
Update: The entire mall is closed for major renovation ...
Grant's Farm Trail11/18/04 A cruiser reports: I have gotten blown on here but find that the only real way to do it is to make an appointment on here or on a Yahoo group to meet someone. There is no particular "safe" or...

15. Jamestown Mall Men's Room

Rating: 2

Jamestown Mall,
St Louis

Jamestown Mall Men's RoomClean and seldom monitored by sales staff or maintenance employees. The department store's restaurant is across the hall, so make sure your signals are accepted. Both str8 and gay use this facility. L...

16. Wal-Mart

Rating: 1

1202 S. Kirkwood Rd,
St Louis

Wal-MartPlenty of time to recover, walls are lifted up to give plenty of room for understall activity.
Crowd: 18-50 years old.
Riverfront AccessLarge open area, easy access, no cops.

18. Home Depot, South St Louis

Rating: 4

3202 S. Kingshighway Blvd,
St Louis

Home Depot, South St Louisupdate 12/10/2008: is gone, but there is still quite a bit of understall action to be had.

This place has been very cruisy lately, with lots of hot, younger, gay guys throughout the store. Eve...

19. Home Depotm, South Kingshighway

Rating: 0

3202 South Kingshighway, St. Louis, Mo.,
St Louis

Home Depotm, South KingshighwayNot always the Cleanest. The Sound of the Door will give you Warning of Someone Entering.
Crowd: All types

20. Lowe's (Kirkwood)

Rating: 3

1212 S. Kirkwood Rd,
St Louis

Lowe's (Kirkwood)Lots of hot to be had here. Lots of hot young masculine men.
Crowd: Plumbmers, Electricians, Builders, contractors, Painters, Carpenters.
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