University of Wisconsin Bolton Hall

Updated on 17-May-2018

3210 N. Maryland Ave.

Is This Your Business?

The second floor has two doors that allow for lots of warning. The action is come and go, but when it's on, there's lots of !!! I've had some major studs. It sometimes gets so busy that it's hard to have any one on one. What a shame :)
Basement restroom. It's also a bleed-off just in case the second floor restroom is crowded or to busy. Action is in/under the s.Three s, with the handicap one at the end furthest away from the door. Action usually takes place in/between the second and handicap .
Crowd: Lots of hot college studs.

Neighbourhood: University of Wisconsin

  • Crowd:Lots of hot college studs.
  • Hours:Afternoons, and early evenings.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
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