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University of Moncton Art Faculty 2nd FloorCrowd: students, teachers, straight guys, married guys

2. Harrisville Blvd Trails


Harrisville Blvd, United States

1 Ratings

Harrisville Blvd TrailsNew nature trail with lots of trees and secluded areas to go off in.
Crowd: A mixture of everyone.

3. The Bay Highfield Sq.


Main Street Highfield Sq, United States


The Bay Highfield Sq.There is two holes in the walls. One on each side. You can look at the urinals through one side, and the other in the other. Wait to see action before proceeding.
Crowd: Anybody
Champlaine placeSmall bathroom with lots of action.
Crowd: Guys of all ages, looking to or be ed.

6. University of Moncton CEPS


165, avenue Massey, United States

2 Ratings

University of Moncton CEPSnice hot steamy sauna and hot showers , everyone is naked and ALOT of gay men are here

Shower area is huge, open to view all guys naked. None too modest either, most let it all hang out. Watch ...

7. Triangles


234 St. George Street., United States

1 Ratings

TrianglesCrowd: There is a great mix of young,old, gay, bi and str8.
Transition between Glencarin and MailhotJust hang around the concrete barriers. Lot's of trails in the woods where nobody goes
SMT Bus StationCrowd: There's a mixed crowd. Some younger guys, but mainly 30 - 50.
Point Park TrailJust a nice dirt/pebble path that has a nice excluded dirt road that leads to a bench, away from the trail. Very discrete at night.
Crowd: All sorts of guys.***br***16-60 ??

11. Penobsquis Picnic Park


Old highway to Sussex, United States


Penobsquis Picnic ParkNear the Penobsquis Potash Mine, its the small roadside reststop. There is a few picnic tables and a parking area. In the woods there is a male and female outhouse....the male outhouse has a .

12. YMCA - Moncton


Off Vaughn Harvey Blvd, United States


YMCA - MonctonGym atmosphere. Sauna and steam room (although too well lit to try anything) Lots of naked guys wandering around in the showers in the "plus" changeroom. Not sure about the other men's changeroom. The...

13. Corner


rufin st, United States


CornerA small round-a-bout where the road salt is kept in dieppe, cars come very rarely other than to cruise.
Irishtown Nature ParkThe Irishtown Nature Park features a wonderful setting for outdoor with many kilometers of forested trails. Several trail systems provide an opportunity for hands on personal experiences with nature.
Victoria ParkMost people just cruise arround in their cars, but some guys do walk, especially after the club Triangles closes. Triangles is on St. Georges
St, so from there to the park is cruisy,
as well as ...
Sounds Fantastic Parking LotYou will have to make your plans and go somewhere else to do the deed but this is a goooooood place, I've had a couple of the best BJs in my life here.
Crowd: Young, old, bi, gay, you name it, you ...
Mapleton ParkThis is a new spot, all those that were going to Centennial are now going there because it is safer and out of the way.
Crowd: All
RHS RiverviewUsed to be an excellent spot. Has tailed off the past 6mths. Be carefull who you approach, the area is used by people for a variety of reasons, dog walking, shortcut from Riverview, the pool etc.
NuBody's Fitness, MonctonCrowd: Some gays, mostly married and bi guys, 30's and 40's.

20. Global Gym


It is on Mapleton Rd. in the same building as Dollarama and Coop., United States


Global GymCrowd: Gay's, Bi's, and Married of ages 18-40Facilities: Gym, locker room, showers, no sauna.
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