Adult Super Store

Exit 38 on I-44

Is This Your Business?

Update 2/2/2009: Now they have three "theaters" in the back. Each has a couple of leatherette sofas and chairs. Door on each room. Two rooms show hetero, middle shows gay movies. Lighting is controllable, little to none. Most guys will be sitting on the sofa or standing with their out, stroking. Sometimes they want , sometimes not. Doors aren't locked so you have to be okay with being walked in on or just being out , and getting to your knees in front of someone. Everyone is there for . Costs 20.00 to get a key to the theaters, 5.00 back when you turn in the key. So far I've been in a room with two other guys, them both, then got , ended getting fisted. Its also the only place I know of around Springfield that sells real popper. You can get naked in the rooms, just don't go out in the arcade naked! Its just off I-44 at the 38 mile marker. They're friendly folks, just be cool. Closest thing to a bath you're going to find within 200 miles. Mostly truckers and farmer types. If you're choosy about young and pretty, you may be disappointed. But older guys have big dicks too!

Neighbourhood: Stotts City Exit

It's exit 38 on Interstate 44, about 25 miles east of Joplin
  • Hours:24 hours.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:I'm surprised this place isn't listed. My first time there tonight. Was several big rigs in the lot. Went in about midnight on Saturday night and this really hot trucked me a few minutes in a booth - then told me to meet him in his rig outside. me like crazy. Hot.
  • Nudity / Policy:As usual there are signs that say one to a booth and no - but no one was watching much or saying anything. The guy at the desk was really nice/good old boy type.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Pretty accessible and large arcade area.
  • Warnings:I didn't notice anything to look out for.
whos coming to Adult Super Store
  • Stopped by last week, took only few minutes before some really good action, once you go past the door into booth area, totally private for any kind of activity.

    Commented on 12/23/2008 6:24:53 AM