New York Gay Cruising Areas

  • Stuyvesant Park

    Stuyvesant Square, New York

    Small park, used to be packed with bushes and activity. However, the city took the bushes away to handle cruising. Still some limited activities...

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  • Riverside Park 92nd St

    , New York

    Crowd: All types, parking lot nearby so lots of

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  • Daffys

    1311 Broadway & 34th Street, New York

    ruiser adds: Go to men's clothing dept on the 7th floor. Find something that comes close to fitting and ask the attendant to let you try it on. It's actually called "The Undressing Room". He'll let yo ...

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  • Under the Boardwalk

    , New York

    People go to . And it happens alot. Some are waiting with it out already.

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  • 34th St N-R subway line upstairs between downtown-uptown stairs

    34th St N/R subway line, upstairs between downtown/uptown stairs, New York

    he restroom isn't very large -- it has two urinals and two stalls. Each is close together. The door is usually closed, but sometimes they keep it open. Even open, it doesn't deter action, as there is ...

    rating of 34th St N-R subway line, upstairs between downtown-uptown stairs

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  • New York University

    W 4th or Washington Square South, New York

    ditor says: Another cruiser updates it: 'The Business School has taken over Shimkin Hall and is remodeling.'
    This is a bathroom on the 6th floor of Shimkin Hall. This is a HOT t-room with all kinds ...

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  • NY Port Authority

    8th Avenue and 42nd St., New York

    ll the men's rooms have some action. The first floor has a dozen or more urinals for easy looking, the second floor has a good men's room, but there are partitions. The fourth floor men's room with on ...

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    3790 Votes

  • Marriott Marquis

    46 St & Broadway, New York

    hen open, the 9th Floor is very good, with some warning time because of lay-out. The 7th Floor is also very active. The lower floors have some action, with a couple having holes (in the toilet seat co ...

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  • New York Hilton

    6th Avenue btwn 54th and 55th Streets, New York

    Action packed mens' room. No gloryholes but very little security checking.
    Crowd: All types of guys -- businessmen, college kids, tourists -- good variety!

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  • Hunter College

    Park Ave and 68th, New York

    Lots of group action. The stalls are perfect for blowing and .
    Crowd: Students and faculty, guys off the street.

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