Restaurant La Cloche


Avenue Heinrich

Is This Your Business?

Tasteful Lebanese kitchen, floods of beer, girls with their boy-friend or in search of, bodybuilders, some hustlers. The are also young boys with a club guarding the parked cars, highly recommended. Sometimes you can ask the young ones (not the adults) if they know a serious boy to have some fun ( un garcon serieux pour s'amuser avec lui ). The best thing is to ask after some days of acquaintance (the boys cry, No, that gentleman is my client) and to tip generously. Discretion is the main thing (except for the handicapped doorkeepers )

Cross street: Next door to Air Afrique
  • Directions:Cross street: Next door to Air Afrique
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Outside be aware of the wheelchair armada of foul-mouthed boys who out, very loudly, as homosexuals the men who do not give them or not enough charity.
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