Prime Time Adult Book and Video


14752 Northeast 16th Avenue


Is This Your Business?

cruiser Update:214/2008 Location has moved. Above address listed is correct. See map link.

Adult bookstore with arcade. Every booth
has a but as the arcade is dark,
activity occurs everywhere. Management is
is unconcerned about activity, which seems
continuous. Not in a great area, so you
want to visit days or early evening.
Crowd: Mostly black, but many whites.

Who's Coming

Mostly black, but many whites.

cruiser Update 2/14/2008: New Address. Please see map link.
Cross street: Dixie Hwy
  • Crowd:Mostly black, but many whites.
  • Hours:Days and early evenings.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Parking lot floods and it's not the nicest area.
whos coming to Prime Time Adult Book and Video
  • so this is the place that used to be on bird rd ?? does it have gloryholes or not ?

    Commented on 5/4/2009 9:09:01 AM

  • is it safe for c/ds? love to show up dressed. and is this a back room with a door? i think this place was owned by the same people that owned the great bookstore on 441

    Commented on 3/18/2009 2:10:42 AM

  • Hey guys- I haven't been down to the bookstore in a few months- went last Monday night and discovered the prices went to $10- the action was slow ( OK- it WAS a Monday and it WAS 8 pm- ) but I failed to look closely at the posting about the prices- does anyone know what they are now? I saw something about different rates at different times of the day- might be worth getting there at a later or earlier time if it is half price-- and to the guy who planted some seed -- thanks man- I kept it with me all the way over to Jamboree-- and had a lot more there! <g>

    Commented on 3/2/2009 1:07:21 AM

  • Is there still a lot of action at this place?

    Commented on 1/11/2009 5:37:48 AM

  • Hornydick,

    PRIMETIME Video is on NE 16th Ave. the bus is the # 16 bus that I believe goes onto Biscayne Blvd from 114th street.

    Commented on 11/9/2008 12:27:16 PM

  • Hi guys.
    Does anyone know how to get to this place by public transport?
    Any info would be appreciated.

    Commented on 11/8/2008 3:04:31 AM