Prime Times


14750 W Dixie Hwy

Is This Your Business?

Hard to spot from W Dixie highway- if you are headed north on W Dixie, and see the BP gas station, the ABS is just b4 it and the traffic signal, on the left side of the road. The shopping center is run down and deserted, but the bookstore is active. $8 at the front counter gets you into the arcade, free play in each booth, so no money needed, no banging on the door to drop a token! Latin and black guys are the norm, but anglos are also here, and welcomed. Almost every booth has a hole in the wall, but the action is all over, so don't be limited by a booth.

Neighbourhood: North Miami

If you are headed down from Ft Lauderdale, get off at 135th St, head east to W Dixie highway and turn left. (A Washeteria open 24hrs is at the corner) Head north to 147th st- a BP gas station is just past the bookstore, on the opposite side of the street, so look for it as a landmark. If headed up from Miami, I have used Biscayne (US1) up to 135th, then west to W Dixie, and then right on W DIxie
  • Hours:Seems this place goes all day and all night. I have been there after hitting Jamboree Bar ( Biscayne and 71st- see the listing on here for that ) at 1 am and had a lot of fun, and made a trip down to the bookstore planning to play and then get over to the bar- only to spend 4 hrs at the bookstore. I hear lunchtime and after work is very active, and go types.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:The place is not polished and pristene, but they are very accomodating and low keyed. Look, it is a bookstore, not Leona Helmsly's bedroom! Guys tend to wander the hallways, go into a booth and wait to see who goes into the adjoining booth. If there is interest, there is a connection, if not, they move back out and on the hunt.There are a couple of dismantled viewing booths along the furthest hall from the entrance and I have seen several guys buddy up in the space.
  • Nudity / Policy:In my visits, I have never seen the clerk exit his enclosed cage and venture out into the arcade, or anywhere else for that matter. The evening man is very friendly and helpful, and seems to like the guys who use the place, and does his best to be unobtrusive
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / I guess you could get in and get around, but the halls are narrow- the big video room, with 2 tv screens, might be an option, but the booths are not double wides, so I would not say this would be a great place if you are in a chair
  • Warnings:Not a sterling silver neighborhood- the lot in front has camera security, and like any place, things can happen. I would not bring your diamonds and Rolex and a wad of $100's to go into this place, or you might not keep them , but if you go in like a common worker with a $10 in your pocket, and an ID in your sock, and leave the crown jewels at home, you ought to be fine.
whos coming to Prime Times
  • is it safe for c/ds? love to show up dressed. and is this a back room with a door? i think this place was owned by the same people that owned the great bookstore on 441

    Commented on 3/11/2009 12:46:27 PM

  • Thank sfor the warning!!

    As far as your attitude about being sick and not caring , thats just down right rude. And dont play the race card and singe out blacks, HIV and sores come in all colors. Thank for warning everyone about this place and about youself..

    Commented on 6/28/2008 8:33:47 AM