Gateway Exit on Hwy 24 West or East Bound

Is This Your Business?

Park near the end of the road, there's usually a couple of trucks with guys jackin' off inside. Sometimes they get out and walk into the bushes...sometimes, get out to unzip their jeans and let their fat hang out to pee...sometimes the guys will just "change cothes". Most days (lunch time or 4-8 PM). Often CHP will use the exit for turn-around. Just be careful.
Crowd: COMMUTERS!!! Businessmen, construction workers-delivery guys or truckers.

Neighbourhood: Near the Park -N- Ride

On the Contra Costa County side ofo the Caldecott Tunnel...from Hwy 24, take Gateway Exit-the South side of the exit (near Park/Ride) is the crusiest.
Cross street: Gateway Exit
  • Crowd:COMMUTERS!!! Businessmen, construction workers-delivery guys or truckers.
  • Hours:Already stated above
    Best times: lunch time-early PM, sometimes in the AM
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Trucks like to pull up and watch guys whack off. Friendly men, only one needy queen (drives a BMW)who may show up. ;)
    Cruisiest Spots: South side of HWY 24, there should be a Highway phone near there. You'll know...
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
whos coming to Gateway Exit on Hwy 24 West or East Bound
  • Time for an update on this place....this used to be a great spot and still can be. The bushes have been trimmed and so now there is very little to play at except maybe a car....Yes CHP has always cruised in and out.part of the game yall. It can still be a fun place if you park your car just right......

    Commented on 7/1/2012 1:35:49 PM

  • This is still a hot spot. I moved to Orinda 9 years ago and CHP and cops have always pulled in to turn around, or take a "break". Was just there this past weekend, j/o with a guy old enough to be my college-age son! Was very hot and safe! Love the older guys though-

    Commented on 11/5/2007 5:46:03 AM

  • Cops have been patrolling the area more frequently-presuambly due to the housing construction in the area. When the patrol car gets off the freeway, the area has been clearing out of the rest of the cruisers...

    Commented on 5/1/2007 11:49:51 AM

  • CORRECTION!!! this spot (if your comming from oakland) is the first exit on the right. and if your comming from concord. before you enter the caldacott tunnel its the exit with the bridge. past the power lines that hang high above the freeway.

    Commented on 11/18/2006 2:22:32 AM

  • There are 2 areas here. One is at the end of the off ramp going south on 24. The other one Neptune mentioned isn't as frequently used because of the park and riders. I may stop by there today. Hope someone fun is there

    Commented on 8/3/2006 5:22:40 AM

  • Visited the area around 10:30 am. Don't know if I was in the right place. Driving south past park and ride you come across a sign -"Do Not Enter" "Private Property". Turned around and parked across from some park and ride vehicles. Two girls were in a car and left shortly after I arrived. To pass the time I was operating my laptop as a police car stopped and parked parallel to my white Dodge Van. He did not approach my vehicle but he did walk over to several cars and peered inside then left. I stayed for another 20 minutes and saw no action. Did not know if I was in the right place.

    Commented on 7/24/2006 9:27:13 AM

  • What time is best for some action???

    Commented on 7/19/2006 7:42:49 AM

  • I, too, have been here on several occasions and have only seen the highway patrol stop there twice in the last 4 months. I usually go between 5:00-5:30 p.m.

    I was there last Monday and this hot guy opened his door and j/o for me....HOT!!!!

    I plan on stopping by today at around 5:15 p.m. Hit me up if you are there.

    Commented on 7/17/2006 5:27:59 AM

  • I have been there on five different occasions different times of the day, each time I saw a highway patrol talking to the guys, don't know if they were crusing or giving tickets. I did see one guy with handcuffs. BE carefull..

    Commented on 7/11/2006 1:16:34 AM