Pottawattami Nature Reserve


Is This Your Business?

Wooded area along Pottawattami river - if you're willing to walk a few hundred yards through the scrub along the river bank, can find some nice grassy areas for secluded outdoor fun.
Crowd: Usually older men looking to connect.

Neighbourhood: Sunset Strip

Who's Coming

Usually older men looking to connect.

Highway 21 heading west about 1km beyond city limit on north side - entrance to nature reserve between Chev dealer and Vet clinic.
Cross street: Highway 21
  • Crowd:Usually older men looking to connect.
  • Hours:Daylight - spring to fall.
    Best times: Early to mid-afternoon.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:At path goes down steep incline towards river, take the faint track off to the right.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Some guys go there looking for specific others, not open to new encounters!
    Warnings: 11/26/04 A Member reports: There have been several arrests made there during the fall of
whos coming to Pottawattami Nature Reserve
  • The Park closes in the winter......but spring is just around the corner and while I've heard there is some surveillance at the park.......I made out there quite successfully a number of times last summer......just keep your eyes open (even when on your knees) and you'll be fine.

    Commented on 4/17/2007 4:39:23 AM

  • Spring/summer is here again... play safe. At times in 2006 the location was patrolled.

    Commented on 3/29/2007 1:15:09 AM