Richard Seltzer County Park


Is This Your Business?

Crowd: most older guys

Who's Coming

most older guys

hwy 98 to Thomas drive, driving east or west on thomas drive, the park is nearly midpoint distance from either end
Cross street: 7419 Thomas Dr east of Joan avenue
  • Crowd:most older guys
  • Hours:730am-730pm
    Best times: mornings and late afternoons
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:stand at the , sit in the , walk to pavillion and sit
    Cruisiest Spots: mens bathroom
  • Nudity / Policy:get naked in the s
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:same guys always cruising this place
    Warnings: some police monitoring
whos coming to Richard Seltzer County Park
  • I stopped by here today. I would avoid this place like the plague. First of all, it is an official substation for the county sheriff's department. Second, as stated previously, there are no doors on any of the stalls and the restroom is very well lit. There is no opportunity for privacy in case you get walked in on. If you absolutely MUST cruise this spot, don't say you haven't been warned!

    Commented on 5/13/2009 6:36:39 AM

  • hey been stopping here after lunch and it can be time is early morning or after smart...

    Commented on 2/27/2009 5:43:25 AM

  • will be here Sept 13-17 each day - looking for loads to take

    Commented on 9/4/2007 3:29:14 AM