Paradise Adult Boutique


130 W. Osborn


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Straight theater and gay theater, action in both and also in dark hallway between the two. Private viewing area also full of action, as well as the arcade. Management very friendly.
Update: The theatre is where the real action is at and at $6 it's money well spent. One side is straight, the other gay with one long dark corridor in-between.
Crowd: Anyone and everyone, usually no attitude as found in other places.

Who's Coming

Anyone and everyone, usually no attitude as found in other places.

Cross street: 2nd Ave
  • Crowd:Anyone and everyone, usually no attitude as found in other places.
  • Hours:0800 thru 0300 - Monday thru Thursday
    24 hours - Friday close at 0300
    Sunday morning
    Noon to midnight - Sunday.
    Best times: Anytime right before lunch all the way until closing.
    Dates open: 8:00 am to 1:00 am
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Theater, private views, arcade
  • Wheelchair Accessible:Yes / Since the remodel we do, in fact, now have ADA compliant doorways, booths, and bathrooms. We also have posted van accessible disabled parking spaces.
  • Warnings:As with any public place, be careful.
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  • Hey guys,

    I've been informed by management that this is a duplicate listing.

    To avoid confustion, please post your comments onto the listing titled "Paradise Adult Boutique W Osborn". I have included the URL at the top of the page in the description section.

    Keep cruisein',

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  • That's a smart idea. Call the government. You know how much they love book stores. The call would ruin it for everyone. I agree they aren't clean and the response from the clerk wasn't the best, but to the the government involved doesn't solve anything, just makes it worse.

    Commented on 5/6/2008 9:46:19 AM

  • why is this listed twice?

    Commented on 4/29/2008 5:44:12 AM

  • To bad the posting below from jpeepers340 is mentioned. I think this guy need to understand you don't go to boodstores at 6PM on any night this is a slow time for all book stores. People with a life eat or meet friends around 6PM they play before or later in the night. Yes and the same goes for Saturday nights people go out first then to bookstores later in the evening.

    Commented on 11/15/2007 5:06:14 AM

  • Hey guys,

    As reported on KTAR News, the police have conducting a sting operation at locale adult video stores with several arrests being made.

    Please keep this in mind as it may bring unwanted attention from local citizens as well. Take care of yourselves and each other while you�re out there.

    Keep each other informed, and keep cruisein!

    cruise Editor

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  • I guess the lights arent so bad. Maybe they are not as bright, or maybe I am used to them being so bright. Still an OK place to hook up. Most guys are regulars I figure. Everyone is nice, but I miss the old flashlight guy. The theaters are the way to go now, private view romm is good too, but there arent many guys back there, and the guy at the counter watches the door real close so yoiu cant really sneak someone else back there with you.

    Commented on 11/10/2007 12:21:37 PM