Pop Rocks The Pony Strip Club

Intersetion of hwys. 67 and 160

Is This Your Business?

Inside the Adult store they just added 12 private rooms playing of all kinds on somewhat small televisions but what the , we're really not there for that are we? LOL Each room has a large bench style couch and the rooms are very large. Very clean and alot of space out in front of the rooms to stand around and check out whats going on. They furnish a box of tissue in each room for clean up. There is a very large Theater room with a big screen. $5.00 to enter the back room and you can use either the booths or theater. The cover is good for the hole day and you can and go as often as you like.

Neighbourhood: South on 67

From Poplar Bluff take hwy 60/67 south out of town a few miles and look for the old "Call of the Wild" building. It's made to look like a rock bluff.
  • Hours:open 10:00am till 12:00 pm Mon.-Thur. Friday and Sat. 10:00 am till 2:00am Sunday 12:00 noon till 8:00pm
    Late on the weekends is the busy times right now when the Pony is busy but this is still new so hopefully it will get like other spots and be good all day long.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Like most places like this just sit in a room with the door slightly open and someone will come by to help you out. The Theater room I'm not too sure about yet but I'm sure if there is many there you might be best to take it too a room.
  • Nudity / Policy:I was told too do as you please behind closed doors of the rooms.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / sholdn't be a big problem, small curb off the parking lot but from there it's all level with lots of space and large doors. Sure if you call they will be more than glad to help get you in the place.
  • Warnings:The staff was so nice but just keep the place clean and I'm sure there will be no problem
whos coming to Pop Rocks   The Pony Strip Club
  • you can contact me at m1m2_3@yahoo.com,

    Commented on 4/2/2015 9:57:13 PM

  • anyone want to set something up i get by that place quite often,or if your closer to poplar bluff, lets hang out at york village, just 10 miles north on us67. i kept trying to post it but it didn't work.

    Commented on 4/2/2015 9:45:09 PM

  • whats up with this site??? there hasn't been a post since 2009??? i'd go by that place but i never saw anyone there either. specially since they put in the new road

    Commented on 4/2/2015 9:40:21 PM

  • anyone going to be there friday. like to give someone a good bj.

    Commented on 6/17/2009 8:32:09 AM

  • is anyone going to be at the pony this weekend of coming week, would love to try to meet and have some fun

    Commented on 4/24/2009 10:22:29 AM

  • there is truck parking there...so if i see a truck full of new cars I should stop?

    Commented on 4/2/2009 9:22:48 AM

  • Is there any parking for a tractor/trailer here? Sounds like fun.

    Commented on 3/24/2009 12:38:03 PM

  • The two of us stopped in on sat. afternoon, only one other person there. We stillhad a good time. We doubled up on him at his request. Will go back soon.

    Commented on 2/15/2009 6:27:32 AM

  • was there 12/12/08. no one there but us...we stayed an hour 1/2. there was more action at K-mart,they only had 1 gay movie going, guess its not gonna work out there.

    Commented on 12/13/2008 8:45:23 AM

  • im aguyintown2008 on the YM lets meet up

    Commented on 11/14/2008 5:18:13 AM

  • I have been there quite a few times. Very slow but have met up with a few guys. Lets get this place more well known and have some fun. I think if management would put up a privacy fence on the south side for parking more guys would go. Maybe we could suggest it to them.

    Commented on 11/7/2008 10:16:43 AM

  • Boots, jeans, camo cap masculine man here in northeast Arkansas. Would like to meet up with similar bi or straight in video booths. Sunday, 2 around 11 am or so. Send me an email to arrange a time to meet up buddies!

    Commented on 11/2/2008 10:19:34 AM

  • Going to be here Sat. morning from about 11:00 till 2:00 be wearing a red dress so don't be shy!

    Commented on 11/1/2008 7:11:36 AM

  • im going there sunday night, meet me there or email me.

    Commented on 10/26/2008 3:22:31 AM

  • visited on tues the 16th was there from 3:30 to 5:30 only 1 other person there, no action, only 6 of 8 vidieos working, too bad, there is a real need for a place like this, hope bussiness picks up.

    Commented on 9/17/2008 8:08:29 AM

  • was there thurs the 12th.....we stayed about 2 hrs.....no one but us 2 there, no one came in the whole time we were there....was a waste of time, was nicer than brown bag, but more action at BB......hope it picks up but doesnt look like it will......lets hope it does...keep the post comin.....let us no

    Commented on 8/18/2008 8:44:24 AM

  • sorry guys tnt2008 the few time I have been in there have only seen one man the rest the time is nothing

    Commented on 7/26/2008 1:28:39 AM

  • is there alot of action there? was wondering if its anything like Brown bag in cape, if it is i'll have to check it out..

    Commented on 7/25/2008 1:33:39 AM

  • LOL looks like SAT is on the 19th.... regaardless..ill be there sat around 11 to 2 looking for you.....

    Commented on 7/18/2008 12:03:32 PM